ООО "Информационно техническая компания"

Ремонт, обслуживание компьютеров, оргтехники, заправка картриджей. Тел.:(843) 258-28-78


Address: 420029 Kazan Street. D.34 Siberian Route 013 office building 320
Phone: (843) 258-28-78
Fax: (842) 510-97-52


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About company

??????? ????? \Company Infotec (LLC "Information Tech Company") operates in the market of computer services, covering a wide range of challenges presented by this field.

Our company employs only highly qualified professionals, ready at any moment to come to you for help. They can solve any problem in your convenient time. We also have specialized laboratories with the latest equipment, where the repair of system units, monitors, hard drives, office automation equipment. and highly qualified professionals, ready to come to help you at any time of day. We work with people rather than computers, because in doing so, we primarily focus on the wants and convenience of customers.

Our activities::

User maintenance of computers and office equipment

Installing programs, operating systems

Filling / recovery cartridges

Creation and promotion of sites

Software Development

Our details are as follows::

Russia, Republic Tatarstan, Kazan, Street. Siberian Route home.34 body.013 office 320
Phone: (843) 258-28-78
Fax: (842) 510-97-52
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to reach us:

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