ООО "Информационно техническая компания"

Ремонт, обслуживание компьютеров, оргтехники, заправка картриджей. Тел.:(843) 258-28-78


Address: 420029 Kazan Street. D.34 Siberian Route 013 office building 320
Phone: (843) 258-28-78
Fax: (842) 510-97-52


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Company services

Repair of computers and subscription services

Price List
To date, information technology balom rule in any direction of the business. That company, which uses advanced technology to work, no doubt, will be leading in their field. Reliability of the office today - so the reliability of the technology in the office. The minutes of idle computer equipment resulting in loss of money, customers, the nerve cells. Disruptions in the network or the Internet, mail or a database leads to serious delays in the work, while the competitors who have such problems are kept to a minimum, go ahead. If you want to do the work of the office the least problematic, most effective, while reducing costs - you only need to turn to the professionals. We will solve all your IT issues your office as soon as you connect to the service. Read More...

Fuil and recovery cartridges

Price List
Companies, firms that illicit cartridges or restore them, we have several additional advantages, including: additional discounts (for regular customers up to 10%), high-quality cartridge refilling or restoration, our phone support. To refill the cartridges, we use high quality toner. On refilling the cartridge, we have spent approximately 10 to 30 minutes (depends on the complexity of the cartridge) and you're done, or in our office. Laser toner cartridge for this time, disassemble, clean bunker from deep, a mechanical parts of the toner (if dirty) and refuel the new print cartridge. The process of filling and restoration of cartridges brought our expertise to fully automatic.Read More...

Installing and configuring third-party programs

Price List
The software is the least reliable component of the IT structure of the office. Software faults - the main cause of anxiety in the work, and lost time, no one will pay. Most companies require specialized software, which will not be able to find and configure a regular employee of your office. We are almost all office programs, which exist at the moment. We also set e-mail program such as Outlook Express. Working with different types of web browsers internet explore, opera, etc. Let these concerns to us!Read More...

Web site

Price List
Our company offers its services towards the creation of websites based on content management system - business cards, corporate websites, e-shops ... As well as services for their optimization, search engine promotion and support of existing web pages. Using advanced technologies, we develop websites according to your wishes and requirements. We create sites whose primary purpose is to attract visitors, which can then become your customers. We look forward to working with large customers, as well as with private individuals. Our products have created the necessary functionality and at the same time, ease of use and administration. We make sites that use content management system (CMS) Joomla.Read More...

Develop programs to order

We provide software development services to automate business processes. Unlike most companies in this sphere the company Information technology companies mainly focused on the market of Republic of Tatarstan. We create innovative and original projects that have no analogues. Feature of our approach to the development of software products is the willingness to carry out projects of from scratch and turnkey. Our experts are examining the business logic of the enterprise, streamline it, make up the layout of a future software product, as well as preparing an expanded presentation that shows the work and the future functionality of the program.Read More...


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