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Ремонт, обслуживание компьютеров, оргтехники, заправка картриджей. Тел.:(843) 258-28-78


Address: 420029 Kazan Street. D.34 Siberian Route 013 office building 320
Phone: (843) 258-28-78
Fax: (842) 510-97-52


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Subscriber services
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Client computer technology organizations -priority for our company. In the office almost every company has more than two computers, which require constant care: setting e-mail programs, the installation of office applications, etc. However, in the state of the firm does not always find specialists who will be able to competently set up a local area network, will be able to safely move the important data from one computer to another (1S, Client-Bank), configure the program to work on the Internet.

We offer a solution to this problem -subscriber services organizations, with warranty. Client service has several advantages:

it is much cheaper than to keep the state's own system administrator, especially if you are from 1 to 10 computers;

we offer a guarantee on work performed;

subscription service allows staff members to engage in the time of their direct responsibilities, rather than setting up and repair of computers;

for each firm in our personal approach.

Client computer technology organizations - is full replacement of the system administrator, allowing significant savings to ensure information security, efficient use of working time.

Any information on subscriber services can be obtained from the Professional LLC "Infotech" on the phone 8 (432) 258-28-78.

Price List You can see here.


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