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Main page - News - IT Industry News - IFIs Samsung CLX-8380ND - very high printing
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Samsung nachitnaet deliveries of Russia's new color laser IFIs Samsung CLX-8380ND. This unit is ultra high speed printing.
IFIs Samsung CLX-8380ND primarily focuses on companies with high volume printing - monthly load devices can reach 100 thousand pieces. At the same time stamp with a resolution of 9600x600 dpi is carried out at speeds of up to 38 pages per minute. Permission scanner is 4800x4800 dpi. The efficiency of the users can be significantly enhanced through the ability to save files to network folders, built-in hard drive, the USB-device, or send by mail.

IFI also has advanced capabilities that may be useful in the corporate sector: Printing filling forms, user authentication, remote administration and software for document management. In addition, the manufacturer offers a variety of conditions for the purchase of equipment, such as payment, depending on the IFIs downloads.

Approximate price IFIs Samsung CLX-8380ND is 150 thousand rubles.

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