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Main page - News - IT Industry News - Malicious software: Windows users at gunpoint.
Malicious software: Windows users at gunpoint.
Thursday, 28 May 2009 11:32
Message of G DATA on malvarah for 2008 describes the tricks of cyber-gang
Within minutes in the past year, cyber gangs bombing Windows PCs with new pests. The number of new programs vredonostnyh (malvarov in the future) in 2008 has grown astronomically to 570% compared to 2007. In the second half of the leaders were Trojan horses, backdoors, and loaders. Many predicted the risk for smartphones provided 100 pests have emerged over 12 months. The criminals have made the emphasis on quality and improved ways of infection and methods for conducting fraudulent transactions.

So on his criminal society interpret the idea of his accomplice, and introduced the application Web 2.0, social networks and blogs to disseminate malvarov and spam. The Company expects G DATA in this field a clear increase in criminal activity.

Never before 2008 had not been so dangerous for Windows users to work on the Internet for unprotected PC! Explosive growth in the number malvarov in recent years has shown that already for a long time we are dealing with powerful and well-organized criminal networks. New trends and developments for your computer becoming infected with malicious code and abduction data. At the same time 99,2% burglars targeted at computers with installed opretsionnoy sistemoyWindows. Also, Internet users are being held at gunpoint. In 2008, social networks and Web 2.0 applications are used increasingly to disseminate malvarov and the same goal spam mailings. In doing so, users need to actively pay attention to the audit content web site in the presence of malicious code , - such a conclusion was made head of the laboratory safety of G DATA, Bentsmyuller Ralph (Ralf Benzmller).

2008 has not given the possibility of producing food safety time respire. In the first half of a 318,248 new pest, the second 576,002. Thus a record number of pests in the past six months has doubled. For the year 2008 were 894,250 new pest found that 6 / 7 times more than in 2007.

Number malvarov who use language to disseminate Flashs ActionScript, in the latter half of the previous year has increased and, presumably, will grow further. Until now, Flash-Video is not seen as a threat, they create ideal conditions for the mass use of cyber criminals.

The exact date of cyber crime in the calendar: Patch - day at Microsoft
By Microsoft regularly releases patches for security flaws in widely used sponsored malvarov in 2008. To do this, hackers modified files are analyzed and the operating system on the basis of information developed Exploit-Code. In many cases, this lasted for several hours. Data Exploit-Codes were integrated online criminals malvary or the means to develop and disseminate malvara.

Review 2009: more malvarov?

G DATA Company expects a further increase in the number of malicious code. Such rapid growth rate as last year, are quite possible, but considering the economic aspect of barely profitable for criminals. Growth this year may slightly decrease.

For detailed information, summarizing important events and figures, such as trends, can be found in>> G DATA Report of malvarah - half post in July - December 2008 <<.
Source: G DATA in Russia
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