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Fuel cartridge
Cartridges recycling and fuel Print E-mail
Each user after 2-3 months after the purchase of a printing device notices that the print quality has deteriorated. On the printed paper began to appear not propechatannye (empty) field. This means that the printer, or more precisely printhead cartridge, an end printing powder (toner). Here and there the question arises - How to revert back to a clear image of the printed documents? Most short-sighted users go to the store and buy a new cartridge. But buying a new cartridge is a rather expensive purchase. In order to reduce your costs, our company provides a range of services for refueling and recovery cartridges.

We are
refilling cartridges on the original technology, which allows you to get filled cartridge print quality comparable to the new one. We use high quality toner cartridge refilling the leading manufacturers worldwide. Used (waste), the toner is not suitable for quality printing and we are not used. Pro model and fuel prices you can find below.

Many users print technology know that a laser cartridge can fill, that was written about above. But you wonder whether that will happen to the cartridge after 5, 7, 10 refills. Nothing is eternal, everything wears out over time, and fails, the cartridge is no exception. The cartridge - a complex mechanical device, which includes 3-5 nodes and more than 20 parts. During all the details of the cartridge exposed to constant friction, wear parts, and the print quality has deteriorated noticeably. But that does not mean that the cartridge is no longer suitable for use, and have to spend a lot of money to buy a new cartridge.

If you give worn cartridge in the capable hands of professionals of our company, we can have it repaired or restored, ie to replace worn parts with new ones. After the restoration of the cartridge will demonstrate the print quality is not worse than the new. There is no point in throwing the cartridge, which actually worked out the details of their service life 1-2 of 20. You can buy a new cartridge, but for the purchase of a new cartridge you will spend in 2000 and more rubles more. About the model and price recovery, you can find below.


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